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Introducing our 3 Favourite Trailer Tents You Can Buy

Are you looking to purchase a trailer tent, and are exploring the countless options available to you? Purchasing a trailer tent is a big investment, and is it important that you have taken a look at all of the options available to you before making your decision. Today, the team at Bicester Comanche are here to introduce you to our most popular trailer tents for sale and the benefits they offer you.

Here at Bicester Comanche, we specialise in new and used trailer tents, and specialised trailers - and we have one of the biggest Comanche displays in the United Kingdom. We have a wide range of trailer tent models available at Bicester Comanche, including Comanche, Elddis, Buccaneer, Xplore, Coachman, Sprite and many more. To learn more about our 3 most popular trailer tents that we have for sale, keep reading or why not visit our website to browse our full range of trailer tents?

The Comanche Oregon

The Comanche Oregon is the most modern, versatile and spacious trailer tent - once unfolded, its central hall invites you to enter the rooms with 1.7m wide beds and a slatted bed base on both beds. This is a large trailer tent, perfect for the entire family with a capacity of 4-8 people. With large windows in the bedrooms and the central space, you can enjoy great ventilation and lots of natural light.

In addition, it can be completed with a closed awning - which can be mounted independently, or together with canvas doors or with a fabric mosquito net on the entire front. The beds are made of a high-density and comfortable foam, ensuring a cosy and relaxing night's sleep.

The McCamp Folding Camper

The McCamp Folding Camper is the ideal trailer tent for two people, or for those on their travels alone. It unfolds and houses a tent with enough space for two, and has a small living room and enough space under its mattress to store everything that you may need. Made of polyester, this trailer can even be towed by some motorcycles or smaller cars.

The canvases are 100% waterproof cotton, and it has a single interior room in cotton with lots of windows to ensure natural light entry. In addition, its camping space can be expanded with an optional awning to give you even more space.

The Comanche Montana Explorer

The Comanche Montana Explorer has plenty of space for up to 4 people, with two beds separated by a double interior ceiling and the option to convert it into a single room. It is the ideal companion for weekend getaways, touring adventures, or long-term vacations. It has high-density comfortable foam mattresses that rest on a folding slatted base, canape tye. Under the mattresses there is additional storage space, providing you with all the space you could need.

In this trailer tent you can experience the sensations of sleeping in the middle of nature, and at the same time feel as protected and comfortable as at home.

Buy Your Trailer Tent from Bicester Comanche Today

We hope that this post gave you a bit of insight into just 3 of our most popular trailer tents that you can buy from Bicester Comanche. If you’d like to buy your trailer tent from Bicester Comanche, you can enquire with our team today. We welcome you to fill in our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your used trailer tent. Or if you’d prefer you can give us a call on 01869 242343 or 07711 425284, or send us an email directly to

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or queries regarding our trailer tents - our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions and provide you with further information. To learn more about our trailer tents that you can buy at Bicester Comanche, please visit our website today.

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