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Simple Tips for Trailer Tent Maintenance

Trailer tents are great for using whilst camping. More comfortable than a tent but easier to travel with than a caravan, trailer tents are the happy medium for everyone. But a trailer tent is an investment into your future camping trips and it’s important for you to properly maintain it. Keeping it in a good condition guarantees safe and comfortable camping trips long into the future.

Here at Bicester Comanche, we’re passionate about brand new and even second hand trailer tents. Our passion is what pushes us to make sure that all of our trailer tents meet our high standards and it’s what helps us to create resources for all our customers to refer back to during their trailer tent adventures. This includes our simple tips for practical trailer tent maintenance

There are two important elements of trailer tent maintenance: keeping the fabric clean and dry when it’s being stored and ensuring that the trailer is in a good working order. There are some really simple tips that you can follow to ensure that these elements are met, ensuring that your trailer tent is kept in the best possible condition long into the future.

  • Keep it Clean

Spending time in the great outdoors is wonderful, especially when you have a waterproof trailer tent that is comfortable enough to hide inside when it rains. But the great outdoors tends to be a little dirty, leading to all sorts of dust, dirt, oil and grease covering the fabric of your trailer tent. This isn’t the ideal look for your trailer tent and it can damage the waterproof properties of the fabric. The fibres used to create our trailer tends are breathable and they’re designed to expand and contract as needed.

When it rains, the fibres expand and plug the holes to prevent water from getting inside the tent. This awesome quality is inhibited when the fabric becomes dirty because the fibres can’t expand or contract the way they should. The best way for you to avoid this problem is to keep it clean. If you’ve noticed spills, stains or dirt, then take some time to clean the fabric using warm soapy water (don’t use detergent) to clean the stains. Allow it to dry before you pack the trailer tent away to avoid mould growth.

  • Ensure it’s Properly Serviced

Sometimes there are issues with your trailer tent that you just can’t see at a glance. This is why it’s important to have your trailer tent regularly serviced. During your annual service, one of our professionals will be able to check the wheels, the running gear, brakes and lights. These are important for keeping you safe and comfortable while on the open road.

Most manufacturers recommend having your service schedules based on mileage but we would suggest doing an annual service, particularly if you’re preparing to head off on a camping trip. A full service will give you peace of mind when setting off on your next adventure, knowing that your trailer tent is in the best possible condition.

  • Be Careful when Erecting your Trailer Tent

As with every tent, the way you treat your trailer tent will impact its condition and longevity. You’ll want to erect it properly to make sure that it’s properly protected from wind and water damage, chafing on the frame and natural shrinkage.

Every trailer tent is a little different and has different requirements for safe erection but generally speaking, you need to ensure that the frame is straight and that the skin is tight as a drum. This will help to keep your trailer tent in a good condition, protecting your investment and keeping on the road long into the future.

Speak to Our Experts for More Simple Tips

If you’re looking for more simple tips for properly maintaining your trailer tent, then our team is here to help. Getting in touch with us will allow you to ask any questions about your maintenance and we would be happy to help you in any way we can. With years of experience behind us, we have confidence that we’ll be able to assist you.

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