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Built with the capacity for the whole family and much more!


Inc  Awning, Storage box, zip in ground sheet

Pre Season Special Offer


Inc  Awning, Storage box, zip in ground sheet

The Oregon is the ultimate family adventure machine! With enough space to accommodate the whole crew, this versatile and modern trailer is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience on your camping trips. Its Comanche OREGON model boasts a spacious central hall that leads to two cozy bedrooms with 1.7 m wide beds and slatted bed bases for a great night's sleep.

One of the standout features of the Oregon is its large windows that offer ample ventilation and breathtaking views of the great outdoors. You'll feel connected to nature while enjoying all the luxuries of a home away from home. But that's not all, this trailer tent can be customized with a closed awning or closed awning with canvas doors or a fabric mosquito net to keep the bugs at bay.


The Oregon is designed to provide a comfortable and safe camping experience for you and your loved ones. With mosquito nets and canvas covers for the windows, double ceilings, and high-density foam beds, you can rest easy knowing that you're well-protected from the elements. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a newbie, the Oregon trailer tent is sure to elevate your outdoor adventures to the next level! So, pack your bags and hit the road with the Oregon today!