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Travel with the Petit and don't worry about a thing!

£5271.00 without awning

The Petit is the perfect choice for solo or duo travellers who seek a worry-free adventure. This lightweight tent trailer is not only effortless to assemble but also east to maintain, making it an ideal option for those who want to travel light without compromising on comfort.

The Petit folding camper offers ample sleeping space and a small awning with various openings that allow you to customize your space and enjoy the great outdoors. The tent can be set up in a few easy steps - remove the PVC tarpaulin, stretch the tent, fix the tensioners, and secure the pegs. Voila! Your cozy resting space is ready!

The Petit folding camper features curtains, mosquito nets, and a high-density foam mattress to ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing sleep. The tent is made of 100% waterproof cotton and has a separate room with curtains and different openings that enable you to adjust the room to your liking, ensuring you have a memorable camping experience.


Max Gross Weight

345/450 kg

Ex-Works Weight

180 kg



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Our finance is provided by Black Horse. Please contact us for more details.

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Included In Purchase

Spare Wheel

Jockey Wheel

Spirit Level

7-Pin Plug or 13-Pin Plug

Additional Accessories