Petit Trailer Tent


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2 People

345/450 kg

TEN CATE Waterproofed cotton tent, galvanised steel chassis


Jockey Wheel:





The COMANCHE Petit trailer tent is ideal for one or two people who want to travel, without worrying about a thing.

A light tent trailer, very easy to assemble and simple to maintain .


It offers you the space to sleep and a small awning with different openings to better enjoy your space.


It's as easy as removing the PVC tarpaulin, stretching the tent and fixing the tensioners. Finally, you drive the pegs and you already have your space to rest.


Like his colleagues at COMANCHE, he enjoys curtains, mosquito nets and a high-density foam mattress to rest perfectly.


The tent is made of 100% waterproof cotton, by TEN-CATE, with a separate room, curtains and different openings to adjust the room to your tastes.

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  • For 2 persons

  • Includes pegs

  • Canvas 100% cotton waterproof TEN-CATE fabric

  • cotton interior rooms

  • High-density foam mattresses, with removable cover

  • Structure of 100% galvanized tubes

  • galvanized chassis

  • It includes:

  • jockey wheel

  • Spare wheel and level

  • 4 caravan legs for stabilization

  • The trailer is delivered with a technical sheet and European homologation

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  • Size : Small - Lightweight and easily moved around by 1 person

  • Capacity : 2 people

  • Total dimensions: 1345 x 685 mm

  • Total Length Including Tow Bar: 3070 mm

  • Dimensions Open: 1960 x 3170 mm

  • Axle : 345/450kg

  • Wheels : 4-00-8

  • Tare : 100kg (Max 500kg)

  • Material : TEN CATE waterproofed cotton tent, galvanized steel frame

  • Lance : V

  • Jockey Wheel : Included

  • Brake : Optional

  • Tabe & Front Box

  • Side Storage Legs

This comes complete with winter/side-storage brackets - additional wheels can be purchased as an optional extra.

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